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Why Choose Miami Pulmonary Specialists

Miami Pulmonary Specialists was conceived based on the idea that medicine is a vocation not just a job. As the landscape of medicine, with larger specialty groups, has grown more impersonal, both Dr. Sevilla and Dr. Hernandez felt communication and continuity with their patients was paramount to practicing excellent medicine. Rejecting the idea that patients should be at the mercy of their schedule, Dr. Sevilla and Dr. Hernandez started Miami Pulmonary Specialists, which aims to put patients first…always. Patients will not repeatedly have their appointments cancelled. They will have access to their doctor, and they will be treated like family. No excuses. Patients will have an advocate and a friend.

Dr. Sevilla and Dr. Hernandez are both triple boarded in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. They both are proficient in all aspects of pulmonary medicine, such as asthma, COPD, pulmonary hypertension, sleep medicine, lung cancer, and advanced endoscopic procedures, such as navigational bronchoscopy, EBUS, and bronchial thermoplasty.

Miami Pulmonary Specialists offers pulmonary function testing, high altitude stimulation testing, methacholine provocation testing for occult asthma, subcutaneous biologic therapy for asthma, smoking cessation counseling, lung cancer screening, and sleep apnea equipment checks/CPAP downloads.

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