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Lung function testing:

-Spirometric analysis with lung volumes, and diffusion capacity
Dx: restrictive, obstructive lung disease, preoperative pulmonary clearance, follow lung function in progressive, chronic pulmonary illnesses

-Methacholine inhalation all challenges:
Diagnosis Of Occult Asthma

-High Altitude Stimulation Testing:
Determine if patients can safely fly or travel to altitude

-6 minute walk testing: test for oxygen desaturation and monitor pulmonary hypertension

Sleep Medicine:

-CPAP mask fittings and desensitization:
We provide a trained respiratory therapist that can fit masks and trouble shoot all CPAP equipment issues

-CPAP card downloads:
Assess compliance, AHI Trends, and leaks

-Home sleep studies can be arranged

Drug administration:

-Xolair and Nucala administration:
Subcutaneous bimonthly or monthly injections to control asthma

-IM/IV steroid injections to avoid inpatient admissions for obstructive airways disease exacerbations

-IV antibiotic administration if needed for acute infective processes


-Phlebotomy service: draw routine labs

-Alpha 1 anti-trypsin testing/screening

-Vaccination administration, including flu vaccines, Pneumovax


-Nebulizer therapy in the office as needed

-Chest percussive vest therapy for patients with COPD or bronchiectasis with exacerbations

-Ultrasound readily for evaluation of pleural fluid

Endoscopic therapies:

-Endobronchial Ultrasound for the biopsy of mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes for cancer staging or re-staging

-Naviagtional Bronchscopy to biopsy for hard to reach lung nodules that otherwise required CT-guided needle biopsies or surgical excision

-Placement of fiduciary markers with navigational Bronchoscopy for cyber knife radiation

-Bronchial Thermoplasty for the treatment of severe persistent asthma. This involved radio-frequency ablation to bronchial smooth muscle.

Smoking cessation:

-Smoking cessation provided on all patients by the leaders in the field who started the cessation protocols implemented throughout the entire Baptist Health System.